The Elias Canetti Mythical Winter Bestiary

Winter 2018 has been the first holiday season since my father passed away, an event which has left my mind pitted and my internal balance disrupted, so in order to occupy myself during my time at home I gave myself the task of writing small character profiles in vague alignment with Elias Canetti’s Earwitness. Instead of making up my own types, I decided to go with more or less mythological archetypes and play with them to see what psychological features I could get them to release.

Work in progress. Here are the ones I have so far. 

1. The Vampire

2. The Mermaid

3. The Mummy

4. The Walker-through-Walls

5. The Werewolf

6. The Centaur

7. The Gorgon

8. The Minotaur

9. The Invisible Man

10. The Robot

11. The Lost Boy

12. The Sphinx

13. The Angel

14. The Mandrake


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