I want so much more than just this sense of relating to life in a once-removed sort of way. I want the plunge, in full; I want to climb a tree, then live in it. I want the scratches of every surface I climb lingering in the skin of my palms. Every breath breathed fully. I think it’s so much easier for people to exist on film, because on film all you see is their bodies doing, their bodies existing, the body from the outside: you don’t see the mind racing, being elsewhere, being absent.


2 thoughts on “Twenty-Nine

  1. Experiencing life through films is so much safer and controllable than doing so personally. I believe I could live quite happily with my flat screen and the criterion collection. However, living someone else’s experiences can make a ghost of you. Thus I will continue to seek balance! (recommend wonderful photo essay BBC News online: The avid watchers of India’s old school travelling cinemas).

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    1. “living someone else’s experiences can make a ghost of you” – I experience this every once in a while. It hollows you out. The only cure, you’re right, is to head back out there and reconnect with the world, for the sake of balance.

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