Let’s assume it is a myth that in order to start expressing yourself through any medium you first need something to say.

Let’s assume that content preceding form, identity preceding genesis, is bullshit. Let’s assume you think this way because what good is a myth to you now when you have never thought you had anything to say.

Not that you’ve spent 28 years not saying things, of course. You’ve spoken, and even written, plenty. Speaking and writing have been a vital part of many of those 28 years, most of which have been spent institutionalised – not in the madhouse sense, not in the clinical sense, but rather meaning your parents, both teachers in the 80s, got as much as three months to haul you from uterus to hospital room and from hospital room to their flat, after which they were expected to return to work, so your mother found
a lovely and convenient day-care centre where, from the age of three months, you spent five to six hours every day while your parents were at work, and you pretty much have been in school ever since.

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